Tuesday, 28 February 2012

FOTD - not for everyone

Today I had a meeting/interview that was quite exciting and hopefully I will be able to share some good news with you soon ( I will get back to you) so when i got home i took a quick photo to show you a look that was a bit different, I know it wont be everyones cup of tea but i had fun with it.

Its looking a bit second hand but keep in mind I took these pics about 10 hours after I had applied my face so it didnt hold up too badly.

The products used  -

eyes-  Inglot gel eyeliner in number 85 ( as a base under the green pigments)
       -  MAC pigment in Landscape green
       -  Naked pigment in SE -02
       - MAC cream colour base in Root ( as a base under the black shaddow)
       - MAC eyeshaddow in carbon

Cheeks-  MAC blush in well dressed

Lips - Stila long wear liquid lip colour in petal

Favourite hair care products for 2011

2011 was the year my alter ego "Madame Rouge"emerged, hence the start of my flaming red hair...
So coloured shampoo and conditioner became my new bestie.
I received the Wella colour shampoo and conditioner as part of the ABBW and have fallen head over heals in love with it.
To maintaining hair this colour is a full time job, and I colour my hair about every ten days, so I have a lot of colour that "bleeds"out at every wash.
Before using the Wella products I found that when i shampooed my hair i was loosing so much colour that it  looked like blood in my hands. The colour continued to run through the entire wash,  condition and towel dry process. ( I have destroyed about 6 towels )
When i gave the Wella a try one of the first things I noticed was that the shampoo only took on a slight pink tinge and after I have applied the conditioner the water ran clear. It seemed to lock in all the colour, no more pink towels.

My other favourite is the Loreal Mythic oil, this stuff rocks my world, I put a ten cent size amount in my hair before I blow dry it and hey presto no more dry brittle ends. It doesn't hurt that it smells incredible either. The job that this product has made so much easier is brushing the girls hair. Miss 7 and 9 have really long thick hair, and it can be a nightmare for all trying to brush out the knots. The Mythic oil makes it sooo easy i apply some to their towel dried hair after it has been washed and then again in the mornings if needed. It has saved many tears before school, even some of the kids : )

Monday, 27 February 2012

better late than never favourite skincare of 2011

Here it is a promised my must have skin care items for 2011.
I started last year fighting tooth and nail to get my adult acne under control, I was failing miserably. I have already done a post on this range so it will be no surprise to you that this is rocking my world. Yes i did use a lot of other products during 2011 but nothing comes close to the Rationale Skin care.
I started this range late in the year but the results i have achieved speak for themselves. I haven't used anything else at all since starting the essential 6 range, and that wont change any time soon.
So there it is short and simple if you purchase anything for your skin this year make it this most defiantly worth the investment.