Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The new Do

If you have been following me either here for a while or on my old blog you would have seen a few hair changes during that time. I was mostly dark with some blond highlights and a short modern cut to start with. this got lighter and lighter as time went on.

very dark bob 
It went from this to this ....
similar cut but so very blonde 
Then it went ....

funky short cut and very red
Since this cut I had been very bad and had let it grow out I was keeping up the red but the cut went to hell in a hand basket. 
It had got to the point of a bob ( uneven ) and I had to bite the bullet and either go back to the funky short cut or embrace the length.
I chose the latter enter the new and if I do say so myself fabulous long locks.

Lots of extensions were added kept the red
I decided if I was going to stay long it was going to be really long. I headed to a fantastic local salon Your serenity  and had the wonderful Gina add a full head of extensions for me and re cut my fringe. 
I have some much hair it is super thick and I have a lot of it so Gina ended up putting another half head of extensions in through the front. And I couldn't be happier. 
The back 
I want to give a big thank you to Gina and the team at Your Serenity not only for my new long locks but for taking such good care of me and washing and blow drying my hair each week while my arm is broken, I couldn't do it with out you.
What do you all think??? what do is your favourite???

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I have been so naughty

As some of you may know I have broken my arm and have not been able to work of late so I decided a spending ban was a given until I could get back to work.
But alas I lasted about 10 days before my very bored and house bound fingers started trawling the interwebs.
I stumbled on over to All cosmetics Wholesale  and picked myself up a little MAC to make myself feel better ( It totally worked ).

The items I picked up were mostly re- purchases of items I usually have in my kit. Such as blot powder in light and dark. Black track fluid line ( my favourite gel eyeliner of all time). A single eye shadow pan in seedy pearl, a single pan eye shadow in perky, mineralize sheensheen powder in lucent and a sample of chartreuse pigment.

What have you picked up lately? If you would like me to review any of these products just let me know xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to - depot eye shadows and other powders

Hi folks hope you are well. If you read my post yesterday you would know I was on a quest to organise my single eye shadows and powder compacts that were either lurking in the depths of my draws or weighing down my kit like no body's business.
This is what I am talking about .....
That's a lot of bulky product to carry about 
I will walk you through the de-poting process I used along with pictures, here we go ...

Using something with a pointy end pry the plastic insert out of the compact, I used a steak knife as it was strong and had a tip, not super safe so be very careful.

This is what you have once you have levered the insert out, the metal pan with filled with product inside the plastic insert.

 Next using a hair straightener and some grease proof paper place the insert onto the metal plate of the hot straightener depending on how hot your straightener is will deem how long it will need to be heated for. For me it was aprox 1 minute the use the knife or other pointy object to push from the bottom of the insert to remove the metal pan. ( I forgot to take a photo of this step sorry ) 

When hot enough the plastic and glue holding the pan in will melt making it easy to pop the pan out. 
All that is needed now is a small magnetic sticker popped on the bottom so the pan sticks into the pallet.

Like so - 
All my depoted products in either MAC or Z Palettes 
I hope you have found this helpful if you would like further information or help just let me know xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

I have a plan

Hi all, my plan is not a wicked one (this time).  I have so many, either limited edition or the baked single eye shadows laying around in my makeup table, that never see the light of day for no other reason than they are out of sight out of mind. Hence my plan to depot them and put them all together in a palette.

I have a similar issue with all my MAC mineralised skin finishes and beauty powders etc, which all are to high (domed) to fit into standard palettes.

Enter stage right the Z dome palette......

I picked up two of these little beauties up from  Makeup and Glow    I have lots of domed products I have to depot and need a new home. Each palette come with 20 sticky magnetic dots to pop into the backs of the pans. 

the black domed palette next to a standard palette 
The domed pallet dose not look a lot bigger but the difference makes it very accommodating for domed products.  I will be posting  tomorrow showing you how to depot single products ready to pop into palettes.  keep your eyes peeled here is a sneak peak at the finished product.

Z palette's containing MAC mineral blushes, eye shadows and mineralised skin finishes

Friday, 17 August 2012

BRB - see you soon

Hi all I just wanted to touch base and let you know I am still here. I had a terrible fall and have broken my arm and dislocated my shoulder. ( my right arm)

So I am having difficulties dressing myself let a lone doing any fun FOTD etc. I will try and get a few reviews and such up soon as I am managing to type more now. Keep an eye out I have lots of time to think up a whole lot of awesomeness to bring you all asap.