Tuesday, 14 December 2010

O.P.I Princess minis review

I have recently purchased the OPI princess mini set and have used it a few times over the last couple of weeks. The set contains 4 mini sized nail polishes in bubble bath, alpine snow, pink-ing of you and rapidry top coat.
The polishes applied really well like most OPI polishes, there is no compromise in quality with the mini sizes.
I have been mostly using them to do a french manicure and am really happy with the results, i applied 2 coats of the alpine snow on the tips of my nails and then 2 coast of the bubble bath (the lighter of the two pinks) and then one coat of the top coat.
I did try and use the brighter pink today instead of the bubble bath but it was to pink for me it was very lolly looking.
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a french manicure set or just some cute individual pinks. I purchased this set from David Jones for$24.95

Monday, 13 December 2010

Mac pallet photos and colours

hi guys here is the photos of each of my pallets and i will give you a list of each colour
This is my pinks/ bright blushes the colours are

                                          peachy keen,           well dressed,          apple red
                                             house wine,        dolly mix,                  azalea

This is my highlight/contour and peach/brown blushes the colours are
                                           emphasize               cubic                   cantaloupe
                                           bone beige           blush baby              margin

                This is my silvers to black and blues and greens the colours are              
crystal                club                 sky blue          lime     
idol eyes         shadowy lady          tilt          newly minted
silver ring              black tied          electric eel             humid

This is my pinks/purples and yellows/oranges the colours are
    girly           cranberry          fig 1         goldmine               off the page
pink Venus    stars'n 'rockets     parfait armour      bright sunshine 
passionate        purple shower       violet trance          red brick

This is my neutral pallet the colours are
vanilla      shroom      all that glitters    brown down    cork 
blanc type     retrospeck      sable          twinks         copperplate
phloof     crystal avalanche   wookwinked       antiqued      carbon  

MAC pallet review

Sunday, 12 December 2010

IMATS 2010

I had the opportunity to attend IMATS again this year, and was happy to see it had increased in size from the previous year. There was a wide variety in vendors and displays. The wait times to get in was minimal i only had to wait 2-3 mins to get my arm band (I had pre purchased my ticket).
There was a bit of shoving and pushing at a couple of the bigger stalls but in general people were all really friendly and busy enjoying the atmosphere.
I had set myself a budget and had a very detailed list of products i wanted to pick up, but i did get caught up in the excitement and the budget and list went out the window.
I also had the opportunity to chat with other makeup artist including YouTube Guru Koren Sanders from Enkore Makeup, and celebrity makeup artist Rae Morris. 

If you get the opportunity to go next year i strongly suggest you go it was lots of fun, with a lot of vital information for makeup artist and makeup lovers.