Saturday, 10 March 2012

Women in Business Awards - Hair and Makeup

Hello loves, I was really fortunate to be nominated for a women in business award recently. I have to admit I was really excited and honoured.

The awards were held this Thursday night and I was more than a bit excited to get all glamed up. The first choice I had to make was the outfit????
Being a plus size lady makes finding beautiful couture a uber difficult task. So I decided to rope my darling mum in ( she is a dressmaker). I wanted something vintage/retro ish, so the hunt began.
Not a flattering pic of us but you get the idea
Back in her hey day mum used to work for one of the big couture houses and a pattern or two may still be in her collection. So I ended up with a beautiful (scaled up lol) vintage Dior dress pattern. I decided I wanted it to be simple so stuck to black satin. It was such a rush getting out the door that i didn't get many full length shots.

I decided to stay in keeping with my hair and have a vintage inspired do, I love my hairdresser she hit the nail right on the head I LOVED my hair.

Back view of the DO
For my makeup I decided to give a coloured brow a go, as my hair is so red ATM i matched them pretty well I think, i kept the rest of my makeup pretty simple, matching my lips to my brows and a simple double winged liner.

front of the hair masterpiece

I cant not talk about the shoe situation ....I had ordered a stunning pair of christian Louboutins for the event but due to all the flooding just prior they didn't arrive in time, so I searched and found a cute pair and matching bag.

Now I didn't win the category I was nominated in but I did make it through to the finalists so I was super happy and honoured.


  1. Wow Desiree! you look Amazing.You have so many different looks it fabulous!!!

  2. Thank you so much, I was really happy with how the look all came together

  3. I LOVE YOUR HAIR SO MUCH! You look incredible! Just gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    1. Thank you darling, I was so happy with it she did an amazing job xx

  4. A nomination is as good as a win in my books!!!

    I am in love with your hair! I want it!

    1. Yes, I was very honoured to be nominated. Thank you so much, I love it too. xx