Monday, 6 May 2013

scalp help is here

If you, like me are suffering with a dry, flaky or itchy scalp look no further.
 I have noticed my scalp is extremely dry and flaky, its not itchy at all and I feel it is due to the massive doses of radiation my poor head has been exposed to.

 No matter what the cause I have stumbled upon a fantastic product that delivers what it promises.

XMA is an Australian owned and operated company that makes natural based products. The Hair 'N Scalp overnight scalp treatment was purchased for me by my mum who knew I was having trouble with my dry scalp, She had met the owners of XMA and was really impressed with not only the products they produced but also how beautiful their skin was.

I have been using the overnight treatment each night for 2 weeks now and I couldn't be happier with the results. It is super easy to use I just rub a small amount of the product onto my scalp before bed and shampoo it out each morning.
I have noticed not only a huge reduction in the dry flaky skin coming from my scalp and my hair is shiner and looks and feels much healthier than it had previously.
I will continue to use the treatment less frequently now to maintain my scalp health, and am hoping to talk hubby into giving it a go as he suffers from mild dandruff and I think he would really benefit from the product.
The scalp treatment is a 150 ml bottle and retails for $24.95 and there is a great online store where all the XMA products can be found. Check out the other beautiful natural based products available, I will be adding the goat and oat shampoo and the avocado and oat conditioner to my collection. Check out the website Here .

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