Monday, 23 January 2012

Finally a skincare that works

If you are a regular on my blog, or you have been with in a 500m radius of me in the last 3 years you would know i have been fighting an uphill battle with adult acne.

Before tratment and comencing Rationale

You name it i have tried it, with little to no effect at all, until now.
As part of the goody bags at the 2011 ABBW I received a voucher for a skin consultation and a trial of the Rationale Skin Care system.
I assumed living rurally I would email the company and either be told I wasn't eligible or i would tell them about my skin and a small trial pack would arrive in the mail. Boy was i wrong the customer service i was offered was by Rationale was amazing.

After my initial email I was offered a face to face consultation at the nearest clinic, the Maroochydore Cozmedics clinic.

Cozmedics and Rationale offed me not only a thorough skin consultation but also a "kick start"  skin treatment using the Rationale products.
The treatment is described as a "gentle yet potent skin rejuvenation procedure, combining, steam, mild skin peeling, 100% vitamin infusion. LED lights and massage.

Richelle the paramedical skin therapist that was giving me this incredible experience, welcomed me into the opulent treatment room, that was as much a treat for the eyes as it was my skin.

Rationale essential six skin care

She firstly asked me about my skin and the issues i was having before examining my skin. By the end of the exam i felt that Richelle knew my skin better that I did.
Richelle explained every step as she worked, OMG I have had skin treatments before, but nothing I have ever experienced comes close to this, I was in heaven.
The 100% vitamin c infusion was like nothing i have ever seen or experienced before . The vitamin was infused in the skin using what I can only describe as a wand that felt like a small comb pulsating over my face.

After using Rationale skin care

Richell also used an LED light to treat different concerns on my skin, a red light was used to improve collagen, a blue light to kill bacteria and a green light to reduce redness.

The skin peel as the treatment the i was looking forward to most. Richell used 3 different types of peels to target different areas and concerns. A lactic acid, a salicylic acid and pyruvic acid.
The only discomfort i felt was with the strongest peel that was applied to my chin area to combat the acne. And the discomfort was very minimal a slight tingling that was very short lived.

When the treatments were finished Richelle talked me through the after care and showed me how to use the six step skin care system I was taking home.

I walked out of cozmedics on a cloud. I felt so refreshed and renewed. My skin was slightly red for a few hours, but not enough that it bothered me. ( I went shopping afterwards)
I started on the essential 6 night program that night. I was amazed at how smooth and clear my skin felt.

Over the next few days my skin continued to improve, on day 3 my chin area started to peel, it was similar to the way skin peels after a sunburn. It peeled for 2 days after which my skin came into its own, My chin was much clearer that it had been in years.
I have continued with the Rationale essential six day and night program since my initial treatment, and i couldn't be happier it is not only effective but so simple and easy to use.
My skin is usually at its worst mid cycle so i have taken my after photo's during this time to show how much it has improved. I did have a few Small pimples at the time but as you can see they are not big red sore pimples just small blemishes that went away as quick as they arrived.

If i could scream about it from the roof tops o would, I can guarantee that if you looked on my bathroom vanity in 10 years time it will still be full of rationale products.
 I have found my holy grail.

 Thank you to Rationale Skin Care care and Cozmedics maroochydore for changing my life.


  1. Glad you found something that has worked for you. I had trouble with adult acne last year. Having bad skin really brings your confidence down. After trying lots of products I was prescribed an antibiotic gel from the Dr. Finally something that has worked for me.

    1. Thank you, yes it is a nightmare it makes such a difference