Sunday, 26 August 2012

I have been so naughty

As some of you may know I have broken my arm and have not been able to work of late so I decided a spending ban was a given until I could get back to work.
But alas I lasted about 10 days before my very bored and house bound fingers started trawling the interwebs.
I stumbled on over to All cosmetics Wholesale  and picked myself up a little MAC to make myself feel better ( It totally worked ).

The items I picked up were mostly re- purchases of items I usually have in my kit. Such as blot powder in light and dark. Black track fluid line ( my favourite gel eyeliner of all time). A single eye shadow pan in seedy pearl, a single pan eye shadow in perky, mineralize sheensheen powder in lucent and a sample of chartreuse pigment.

What have you picked up lately? If you would like me to review any of these products just let me know xx


  1. Ok, makeup newbie here - what is the pigment used for...I am guessing eyes as it is chartreuse. How is it different from an eyeshadow?

    1. Hi, yes it is a loose pigment they can be used all over the face and body (depending on the colour) They are very rich in colour so a little goes a very long way. You can achieve a really soft look using them sparingly or achieve a very colourful dramatic look by building the colour or using them wet.