Friday, 24 August 2012

I have a plan

Hi all, my plan is not a wicked one (this time).  I have so many, either limited edition or the baked single eye shadows laying around in my makeup table, that never see the light of day for no other reason than they are out of sight out of mind. Hence my plan to depot them and put them all together in a palette.

I have a similar issue with all my MAC mineralised skin finishes and beauty powders etc, which all are to high (domed) to fit into standard palettes.

Enter stage right the Z dome palette......

I picked up two of these little beauties up from  Makeup and Glow    I have lots of domed products I have to depot and need a new home. Each palette come with 20 sticky magnetic dots to pop into the backs of the pans. 

the black domed palette next to a standard palette 
The domed pallet dose not look a lot bigger but the difference makes it very accommodating for domed products.  I will be posting  tomorrow showing you how to depot single products ready to pop into palettes.  keep your eyes peeled here is a sneak peak at the finished product.

Z palette's containing MAC mineral blushes, eye shadows and mineralised skin finishes

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