Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Weekend that was – The ABBW2011 – Preparations

I was anticipating this even like no other. So much planning and hype went into this extravaganza, not only from the wonderful event organizers i.e., Kimmi from the plastic diaries and Jacie from you’ve got Nail, but also the 85 attendees and all the extraordinary sponsors.
As the time crept closer the buzz surrounding this groundbreaking happening gained so much momentum, it was impossible not to get drawn into the excitement.  

Twitter was becoming addictive as I wanted/ needed to know all the processes and happenings the other bloggers were busying themselves with in preparation for the ABBW.  

My preparations started well before the weekend, I hate to admit but as I get older it takes me twice as long to look half as good as I used to, so preparation was crucial. I had planned on some serious skin care intervention and some hardcore outfit shopping but alas, I got super busy with work and all plans had to be done away with.

Last thing Thursday night I started packing my bags, I had taken note of Jacie and Kimmi's pleads not to over pack.  I was very good and only gave myself one outfit for each day, and an evening dress for the gala dinner. I packed minimal makeup and skincare and even left my trusty GHD at home. One pair of flats and one pair of heels and I was good to go.

My flight left at 8.25 so I left home at 4am to head into Brisbane and give myself plenty of time to park the car and check in on time. I arrived in Sydney shortly after 10am, ready to start the festivities.

I arrived at the Ibis Darling Harbor and checked in and waited for my roomie Steph from Jeneara cosplay to arrive.  She arrived soon after with the lovely Stacey from Addtocartblog in toe. It had started… I had finally got to put faces to names and meet some of the fantastic ladies that I had been “speaking” to online for so long.  We wandered down to have some lunch and catch up.  The girls headed of to Benefit and I went back to the room to put my feet up before heading off the Rae Morris Brush Launch event.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the beautiful and welcoming Melissa from missmakeuplover1 and Emma from EmmaBovarybeauty, who were also heading to the Rae Morris event.
We made our way to Rae’s studio were we met some more of the lovely ABBW attendees, Anita, Molly, Angie, Sarah and others (I’m sorry if I have left you out it was a big weekend)
(I will write another post about the event at a later date)

We then all tried to make our way to the Novotel to register for the weekend, but getting a cab was proving very difficult we eventually flagged one down and begged him to send more, after some feverish tweeting begging the ladies to wait for us to arrive, we all finally got there and I got to meet the two women, that made this whole weekend happen. If the smile and embrace I received from the darling miss Jacie was all I received from the ABBW I would have gone home happy, she made me feel so welcome.

After my 4am start I was buggered, I beautiful Thai meal with Emma and Melissa was a god sent then into bed for me, ready to start the festivities.  

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