Thursday, 20 October 2011

What’s in my kit -

I have been asked on many occasions to do a collection video, and to be honest its not a concept I feel totally comfortable with. They are one of my favorite style of blog/vlog to read/watch. But I’m not sure I want to cope with the backlash of hater comments that seem to come with the territory.  I also do not want to make other’s feel inadequate, makeup is not only my job, it is also my hobby and about my only vice. So I have a huge amount of makeup that has taken me over a decade to collect.

So instead I figured I would try and do a post that would be helpful to some, I am not saying this is a hard and fast list of all the things one has to have in their kits, but this is what is in mine at the moment. As a working MUA my kit changes all the time. The staple items tend to stay the same but if you looked at a picture of my kit from 5 years ago compared to now it would be very different.
Trends change, as does technology and the products available to us. The professional makeup market in Australia is growing in leaps and bounds, ten years ago I had to buy almost everything from overseas, at a huge cost and inconvenience. 

So here it is I will show you picture of my Kit and all the contents, I will also try and show you how I organize it all, any tips or ideas are welcomed with open arms, as are product recommendations.

The train case itself is one I purchased from EBay about 2 years ago. From memory it was about $180, I think. It has been great, until about 6 months ago and it has been down hill since. The quality isn’t marvelous but it has done the job. I am currently looking for a new case, but I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. I like how compact the Zuca’s are but I like being able to open the top of this one up and work out of it.

It comes in two parts, a top section with lots of smaller compartments. And a larger bottom part that is all one big container. I use the top section to store all my smaller items like liners, mascaras, eyelash glue etc. The bottom of the top section holds all my pallets and bigger items like my disposable kit.

The bottom section (the biggest of them all) holds all the bulky items, my airbrush system, towels for cleaning brushes on and the trays with all my powders that are not in pallet form. Also al my airbrush foundations and blushes/ highlighters. I also keep my brush apron in here and trays of false lashes. My fix +, makeup remover, brush cleaner and beauty so clean also live here.

I’m not going to list all the products as it would take forever and make this post crazy long, but I will give brief brand overviews etc.

My pencils are a combination of MAC, Makeup forever, NYX, Chanel, Dior, and a few other random brands.
My mascaras are MAC, Makeup forever, Lancome, Dior, Eyeko, Covergirl and more.
The lip glosses are a collection of mostly MAC, NARS, NYX, Inglot and Max Factor.

I use Duo adhesive for eyelash glue.  I have some MAC strobe cream .  One pair of small scissors.

I have a couple of different primers in my kit one clear one and a green one for correcting redness.  I also have a Matt cream from MAC.

I have a collection of lip tars from OCC, and some MUFE Aqua creams.

I have a concealer wheel from Temptu and individual studio finish concealers from MAC, and the MUFE 5 camouflage cream palette.

I have a selection of gel eyeliners, and a selection of the Urbane Decay 24/7 liners.

I have water based mixing medium that I use for making eyeliners from powders.

In my kit I always carry a large number of false lashes, both individual lashes and full strip lashes.

I also carry MUFE HD translucent powder.

The palettes I take are 2, 6 pan blush palettes from mac. A “Z” palette full of MAC eye shadows, mostly neutral colours.
A second “Z” palette full of  Kryolan Eye shadows.
And a 3rd “Z” palette with a selection of Bright MAC eye shadows.
I also have the Ben Nye Lumiere Grande colour Palette, that I use for special effects and body painting.

I use the OCC Airbush foundation at the moment, along with their Airbrush blush and highlighter’s.
I also have some MAC Micronised airbrush foundations.

I have a small range of MAC’s Face and body foundations, and the MAC full coverage foundations as well.

As for my brushes there are far to many to list so I will do a separate post about my brushes in the near future.

If you have any hints on storage or products you think I need to include in my kit please let me know. Also if you have any question about any aspect of this post please let me know I am more than happy to help.


  1. LOVE. I wish mine looked like yours. I need to buy a case. :)

  2. Omg total porn!! Thanks- pray tell your water based mixing medium?? from where?

  3. thanks girls, the mixing medium is from MAC i think its a pro product

  4. Fantastic! Love the tootsies in the last shot... I could roll around naked in all your makeup - but I'll spare you the experience.

  5. Thanks Karyn, i know i should have edited them out. HAHAHAHA, now that would make an interesting you tube video.