Friday, 7 October 2011

Rae Morris Brush Launch

I was really fortunate to be invited along to the sneak peak at the ever-fabulous Rae Morris’s brush collection.
While I was in Sydney for the ABBW I was able to attend this event, something I would not have had the pleasure to attend otherwise.

Photo courtesy of Sweaty Betty PR
It was really exciting for me, as a makeup artist not only to get an early look see at her brushes but also to get some insider hints and tricks from one of my idols.
Rae was so generous to invite us into her studio, an incredible space. I could have spent days there.  She was also really generous with her time. In showcasing her brushes and their uses she also gave us some invaluable makeup tips.

The brush collection contains 27, yes that’s right 27 beautiful hand crafted brushes. An extensive set that would, make all other brushes obsolete. I was really impressed at the quality of all the brushes. Rae’s willingness to let us touch and feel all the brushes was testament to her pride in the product she has produced.
As a makeup artist I was super impressed at the thought that Rae had put into catering to the gaps in the brush market, there is a brush for every job. The brushes are also magnetic, genius!!!

I was lucky to be given one of the brushes at the event and since then I have been “playing” with it constantly I have used it on myself and on clients and we all were impressed the softness of the brushes, it’s second to none.  I have used the harshest of cleaners on the brush, and it is still as soft as the day I received it.
The brush I was given

Photo Courtesy of Sweaty Betty PR
The brushes are cruelty free and environmentally sustainable, the handles are made from recycled bamboo, and the brush hairs are non -dyed blue squirrel. The process of extracting the fur is so cruelty free that it has earnt the USA PETA approval.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sweaty Betty PR for inviting me along to this wonderful event and Rae for taking the time to welcome me into her studio and sharing her knowledge.

To learn more about Rae Morris or her brush line head to her website


  1. wow they sound great, she seems really friendly for a "celebrity"

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Rae is a wonderful person she was very kind and helpful.

  3. Was this held a on a tuesday and wednesday? I met a lovely lady named Cal who is also a makeup artist who attended Rae's workshop. She said it was phenomenal! Have a great day!=))

  4. Hi Ria, it was on the friday night. It was fantastic. enjoy the rest of your weekend xx