Friday, 20 July 2012

Hakuhodo brushes

Hi loves, I wanted to share some of my favourite brushes with you today. I had been lusting after the Hakuhodo brushes for years and finally got my hands on some last year at  IMATS.
 I was fascinated by the pretty orange handles and the gold ferruls. I had heard some rave reviews and knew I needed them in my life.

Top to bottom- s103-  210- Yachiyo, Small - s111

I picked up two brushes from the s100 series ( the beautiful vermilion and gold ones) , one from the 200 series ( a dupe for macs 109) and one of the traditional brushes.

I love this brush it is so soft I use it for bronzer and translucent powder it retails for $93. I know these brushes are on the pricy side but they are an investment and you need to look at it like that with proper care they will last you a lifetime.


This is the softest brush i have ever felt, it would not be unusual to find me sitting at my dresser brushing it all over my face ( even when i'm not putting makeup on ). I use it for liquid foundation sometimes but mostly for powders ie, blush highlighters. This one retails for $93.

I LOVE this brush it is a very close match for the MAC 109 with out its infamous hair loss. This is my favourite brush for blush I get a fantastic fool proof result every time with this baby. Retails for $36.

Yachiyo, small purple
I had to own one of these beautiful traditional japanese brushes, I would love to add more of them to my collection, and hope to do so at this years IMATS. I love this one for highlighter and translucent powder under my eyes. This one is $32.  
                      What do you think? you can find them here 


  1. I've been on the hunt for some good quality brushes, so thank you for this post! I'll have to save up a bit more if I got these, but thank you for sharing what they're like, I'm always hesitant to buy expensive products unless I know they're definitely worth the price :)

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    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. Yes they are work the investment, I am going to be doing some more brush post soon so keep an eye out. I will have a look at your blog cheers