Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The new love of my life - The Zuca Sports

As a freelance makeup artist one of the major issues I have is portability of my kit. To have all the products I may need on hand means carting a huge amount of makeup with me most of the time. I have previously shown you what is in my kit and how it was packed here. I also said that I was on the hunt for a new train case and the Zuca was high on the list.
So I bit the bullet and here it is my new Zuca sports.

Zuca sport 
I chose the red frame and the black mystic bag, I think it reflects Madame Rouge very well.
It came with four pouches with clear plastic tops that make knowing whats inside much easier. The other feature that made me go with the sports rather than the artist pro, was the double wheels. This makes taking the case upstairs a joy.

inside pouches
I purchased my zuca from ebay the seller was really helpful and the prices are fantastic check her store out here.
I have had a bit of a play today and I am amazed at how much fits inside this little beauty, I will fill her up and report back soon. xx 

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