Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dr Perricone's Super 3 Minuite Facial - Review

As you all know i was fortunate enough to be invited along to kit cosmetics to be indulged in a Super quickie facial. I was also given one of the beautiful products to take home with me, i chose the 3 Minute Facial. In my opinion as a makeup artist and mother this product is near perfect.
Its "super" ingredient is ginger and is designed to stimulate the skin and can have a tingling sensation, i personally don't get any tingling while using this.  
The products smells amazing, so fresh and subtly sweet as with most of the product in this range i feel like i could eat them out of the jars, but unlike some products on the market that have "food"scents this range doesn't have that terrible artificially sweet sent, they are all really crisp clean scents.
The thing i love the most about this product is the time factor needed to achieve great results. 3 Minutes and your good to go with beautiful, glowing refreshed skin.

It is so user friendly i hop in the shower cleanse my skin and pop on the 3 minute facial mask, i then let it do its thing while i wash the rest of me. Then i simply rinse my face and finish with my normal skin care routine.
The results speak for themselves.
I have been struggling with adult onset acne for a couple of years now and haven't been happy with the way my skin looks at all, since my super quickie facial and continuing to use the 3 minute facial mask a few times a week, i have been super happy to receive as many complements on my skin in the last two weeks as i did in the past two years.

As a mum my time is precious and this product works so well with out having to spent 20 mins walking around with goop on my face that will always be a winner in my book.

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